Kobe Bryant out for the season

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant is expected to be out for the season after tearing his rotator cuff on Wednesday against New Orleans. This could actually be a blessing in disguise for the Lakers because they were trying to rest him quite a bit this season since he was becoming sore more often. The Lakers are 12-32 on the season and they are only playing to see who will be on their team next year, but it could be a great opportunity for younger players on the roster to prove themselves. Nick Young and Carlos Boozer will have to carry the Lakers because they are undoubtedly the best players left on the roster, so they will have to step up for the Lakers to win any games the rest of the season. Next season should be Kobe’s last season in the NBA and the Lakers won’t make the playoffs this season, but they are in position for a high draft pick. It is probably best that Kobe Bryant be shut down for the season anyway because it will allow the younger players on the team to grow. The Lakers should try and build their team for next year because it could easily be Bryant’s last in the NBA.

kobe bryant


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