Bucks need more from O.J. Mayo

It was quite the accomplishment for the Milwaukee Bucks to make the playoffs this season after winning only 15 games last season, but they will need everything they can get from their star players if they wish to advance past the 1st round. The Bucks lack the offensive firepower to compete with Chicago as proven in game 1 which is why they need arguably their best scorer O.J. Mayo to step up. Mayo only went 1-7 from the field with 6 points against the Bulls in game one and he wasn’t much of a factor for the entire game as the Bucks only ended up scoring 91 points in the loss to Chicago. Milwaukee is a well-balanced team that does a lot of things well, but the only way that they can even compete with the Bulls in the 1st round of the playoffs is if Mayo can score more efficiently. Mayo showed flashes of his offensive potential at times this season, but he needs to be more consistent in the playoffs as the Bucks are a team that desperately needs some more offense. If Mayo can return to the form that he was in earlier in his career, then Milwaukee would be a hard team for Chicago to eliminate from the playoffs.

o.j. mayo

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