Warriors need to trade David Lee

It became more apparent this postseason that Warriors head coach Steve Kerr really had no use for veteran power forward David Lee. He only played 8.2 minutes per game in the 13 games that he made an appearance in during the 2015 playoffs. Lee is heading into his contract year next season with Golden State and he is scheduled to make nearly $15.5 million which is way too much for a guy who only started 4 games in the 2014 season. I still think that Lee can be an all-star caliber player, but he just doesn’t fit in well with Steve Kerr’s philosophy of having a small lineup. It appears that Lee has played his last game in a Warriors uniform, although the main question will be if Golden State can find a team to take on his huge salary. Golden State obviously wants to get rid of Lee, but the problem will be if they can find a team that is willing to give up something for him. The Warriors need to offer that they will take on a portion of his salary or else I don’t know if they will be able to trade him despite him having quite a bit of talent left. Either way, don’t expect to see Lee to be back with the Warriors for the 2015 season, although I’m sure that Golden State will look to find a team to trade with before they just cut ties with him.

david lee


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