Knicks not making big moves in free agency

The New York Knicks are obviously in a major rebuild mode so it was expected that they would make a big splash in free agency by making at least one major free agent signing, but they are continuing to lose out on the big players like LaMarcus Aldridge that they wanted. Sure, signing center Robin Lopez and shooting guard Arron Afflalo will help, but those aren’t the types of moves that make them a playoff team in a weak eastern conference. The Knicks were interested in some big name players like LaMarcus Aldridge, Greg Monroe, and DeAndre Jordan. However, for some reason those players just didn’t seem to have the same level of interest in joining the Knicks. In fact, Aldridge strangely cancelled his scheduled meeting with New York altogether. At least New York is trying to get better, but unless they can lure some big name players to their team then they probably aren’t going to be a contender really soon. I have confidence in Phil Jackson to get the job done, but unless he gets some more talent to work with then the process will take a lot longer.

phil jackson

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