Bucks trade Hibbert to the Nuggets

The Milwaukee Bucks sent center Roy Hibbert to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a future 2nd round pick.

Bucks grade:

This trade makes sense for the Bucks since they didn’t have much of a role for Hibbert since they already have a logjam in the frontcourt. A 2nd round pick likely won’t give the Bucks much for the future, yet it is much better than having Hibbert and his $5 million salary being a useless player on their bench.

Grade: C+

Nuggets grade:

It wasn’t too long ago that Roy Hibbert was a decent starting center with the Indiana Pacers, but now he is just basically a useless 30-year old center. Hibbert is a good shot-blocker and he could be used as a defensive specialist for the Nuggets in certain situations. However, he is likely just going to be a benchwarmer for the Nuggets and he will likely be the 3rd-string center for the Nuggets just this season. That isn’t worth the Nuggets giving up a 2nd round pick for since benchwarmer centers can be found anywhere. Denver should have just signed Greg Oden as a benchwarmer rather than giving up a draft pick for Roy Hibbert who is basically the same type of player.

Grade: D-

roy hibbert



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