Hawks trade Splitter to the 76ers for Ilyasova

The Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers made a very odd trade at the NBA trade deadline as the Hawks sent center Tiago Splitter and a future 2nd round pick to the 76ers in exchange for power forward Ersan Ilyasova.

Hawks grade:

This trade makes some sense for the Hawks since Tiago Splitter hasn’t fit in well with the team and he is always injured. Not to mention, the Hawks were probably not willing to re-sign him in free agency anyway. Giving up a future 2nd round pick is never ideal, but the likelihood of the Hawks getting even a decent player with that 2nd round pick was slim anyway. The Hawks needed some more frontcourt depth as they look to secure a playoff spot this season and Ilyasova should provide a temporary solution for Atlanta. Ilyasova is a good shooter for a big man and he brings some more scoring off the bench for Atlanta. He is a free agent after this season and he probably won’t return to the Hawks, although he should provide an immediate impact as a decent role player.

Grade: C

76ers grade:

Just when I thought the 76ers had a clear direction to rebuild and then they trade away a quality veteran player for a silly 2nd round pick basically. Ilyasova at least made the 76ers more respectable and he gave them a quality role player. However, the 76ers clearly had no plans to re-sign him in free agency after the season which is likely why they let go of him. I don’t disagree with that logic for the 76ers, yet they still barely got anything in this trade that will help them short-term or long-term. Tiago Splitter is injured right now and he might not even play the rest of the season before he reaches free agency this offseason. Splitter is a benchwarmer at best, but I’m wondering why the 76ers acquired him since he might not even play a game for Philadelphia before he probably leaves in free agency. The 2nd round pick isn’t very valuable anymore as the likelihood of getting a decent player isn’t very good. Also, the 2nd round pick won’t help the 76ers much if they don’t have a clear plan for the future. Ilyasova wouldn’t have cost much to retain and he is worth much more to the 76ers than the 2nd round pick and Tiago Splitter combined.

Grade: D-

ersan ilyasova.jpg

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