Nets trade Bogdanovic to the Wizards

The Brooklyn Nets continued their rebuild as they traded shooting guard Bojan Bogdanovic and power forward Chris McCullough to the Washington Wizards in exchange for shooting guard Marcus Thornton, power forward Andrew Nicholson, and a 2017 1st round pick.

Nets Grade:

This trade makes sense for the Nets since they have been looking to accumulate draft picks and they succeeded in that area by acquiring a 2017 1st round pick in this trade. However, it did come at a cost as they had to trade young and talented guard Bojan Bogdanovic. He is under control for two more years at a very cheap price, so maybe the Nets should have kept him since he is only 27 years old and he could have been a key piece of their future success. Either way, the Nets didn’t want to get rid of all-star caliber center Brook Lopez which meant the only player that they could trade for a 1st round pick was Bogdanovic. However, I’m a little more puzzled as to why the Nets are giving so soon on Chris McCullough. He was a 1st round pick of Brooklyn in 2015 and he just turned 22 years old which is why it is odd that the Nets are giving up on him so soon. He was never really given an opportunity to play for Brooklyn as he only played in 38 career games for the Nets. Brooklyn is trying to experiment with their young talent during their rebuild which is why it is puzzling that they never even gave McCullough a chance to prove himself. Meanwhile, the Nets received Marcus Thornton who they will waive which I can’t disagree with since he is a washed out player that won’t help the Nets much immediately or in the future. Also, the Nets received intriguing power forward Andrew Nicholson in this trade as he is worth the Nets taking a chance on. Nicholson has been a major bust in his career after being a 1st round pick of Orlando back in 2012. He has been a benchwarmer for the Wizards recently, but he will likely at least get a chance to be a role player with the Nets. Brooklyn is already the worst team in the NBA and why not take a chance on Nicholson who is only 27 years old and could be a decent role player if given the opportunity. Overall, the Nets did a good job of getting a 1st round pick for Bogdanovic. However, trading away young player Chris McCullough keeps this from being a really good trade for Brooklyn.

Grade: B

Wizards Grade:

The Wizards acquiring Bojan Bogdanovic will provide the Wizards with much needed depth at the shooting guard position, but this could be a trade that hurts Washington in the long run. They are getting a very good 3-point shooter with Bogdanovic, but I question whether he is worth giving up a 1st round pick for. At least the Wizards were able to get rid of the underachieving Andrew Nicholson and his big salary. However, it remains to be seen if Bogdanovic can provide a major impact off the bench for the Wizards. If he can be a key role player for Washington especially at a low salary then this trade could be helpful short-term. It remains to be seem what the impact of this trade will be for the Wizards, but until we find out how Bogdanovic fits in with the Wizards then this is just an average trade for now.

Grade: C+

bojan bogdanovic

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