76ers acquire number 1 overall pick from Boston

The Philadelphia 76ers acquired the number 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft from the Boston Celtics in exchange for the number 3 overall pick in the 2017 draft and a future 1st round pick(in 2018 or 2019).

76ers Grade:

This trade was clearly made in order to draft star point guard prospect Markelle Fultz out of Washington. Fultz is a tremendous scorer as he proved with his 23.2 points per game during his 1 season at Washington. However, I question whether he is ready to lead a 76ers team that is still really young and in the middle of a rebuild. Fultz almost certainly wasn’t going to be available at the number 3 overall pick, so the 76ers are giving up a lot just to move up 2 spots and get him. That means Philadelphia must be certain that he is the real deal since this is the type of trade that could set the team back even further if it doesn’t work out. The 76ers already have a good young core with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons if those players can just stay healthy. However, the 76ers have lacked production at both point guard and shooting guard for awhile now. Fultz is the well-rounded point guard that the 76ers have been lacking and he is a major upgrade over what they had last year. We’ll see if Fultz is the missing piece for the 76ers to finally be a playoff team, but I’m just not quite sure at this point if this trade will be worth it for Philadelphia considering that they are giving up a valuable 1st round pick in order to just move up 2 places.

76ers Grade: C+


Celtics Grade:

This is a great trade for the Boston Celtics because they are already one of the best teams in the league and it isn’t like they desperately needed the number 1 overall pick anyway. It doesn’t hurt them in any way to move down to the 3rd overall pick and in fact this trade just makes the team much better. They’ll now have an extra 1st round pick in either 2018 or 2019 that they can use to add to their roster. They could also use the extra draft pick to try and trade for a star player like Jimmy Butler that could make them arguably the best team in the Eastern conference. Either way, Boston will still likely get an impact player with the 3rd overall pick and getting another draft pick to use as trade leverage or they could use it to get another impact player. Boston obviously wasn’t sold on Fultz or Lonzo Ball being a good fit for their team so it made sense that they would move back just two spaces.

Grade: A+


Bulls trade Gibson to the Thunder

This was probably the biggest trade on an uneventful NBA trade deadline day. The Chicago Bulls sent power forward Taj Gibson, small forward Doug McDermott, and a 2018 2nd round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for point guard Cameron Payne, power forward Joffrey Lauvergne, and shooting guard Anthony Morrow.

Bulls grade:

The Bulls realized that they might not be able to re-sign Taj Gibson in free agency which is why they wanted to get rid of him now. That part of the trade makes complete sense, but getting rid of McDermott and a 2nd round pick won’t help the Bulls that much in the future. The Bulls gave up a lot to acquire McDermott in the first place and it is strange that they are giving up on him after only 2 1/2 years. Meanwhile, Chicago at least received some decent talent in return. Cameron Payne is a former 1st round pick that never got much of a chance to be a starting point guard in Oklahoma City as he was stuck behind Russell Westbrook on the depth chart. Payne should get some more playing time with Chicago and hopefully the Bulls can develop him into a quality starting point guard or else this could be a very bad trade. Joffrey Lauvergne was an average role player with the Thunder, but he will probably end up seeing his minutes decrease with the Bulls. Anthony Morrow is specifically a 3-point shooter and he likely won’t see much playing time with the Bulls as well. This trade is very bold for the Bulls because they are trading away two quality players for Cameron Payne who they are hoping can improve and become their point guard of the future. We’ll see how this trade ends up in the future, but I’m not too optimistic that this will turn out well for Chicago.

Grade: C-

Thunder grade:

Cameron Payne never got a chance to play much with the Thunder and that probably wasn’t going to change anytime soon as long as Russell Westbrook stays in Oklahoma City. Also, Joffrey Lauvergne and Anthony Morrow were given an opportunity to be key role players for the Thunder, but they both never provided much for the team. Meanwhile, Taj Gibson is going to be a free agent this summer, but he should make a big impact for Oklahoma City right away. Doug McDermott still has some potential as a good shooter and he should at least be a decent role player for the Thunder the next few seasons. The 2nd round pick in 2018 could end up helping as well for Oklahoma City. Giving up Payne probably wasn’t easy to do for Oklahoma City, but it was the right decision since he wouldn’t have been able to reach his full potential with the Thunder anyway. This trade won’t make a huge impact for Oklahoma City, but it certainly helps their team immediately and for the future.

Grade: B

taj gibson

Suns trade Tucker to the Raptors

The Phoenix Suns traded small forward P.J. Tucker to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for power forward Jared Sullinger, a 2017 2nd round pick, and a 2018 2nd round pick.

Suns grade:

P.J. Tucker has been a decent role player with the Suns for years, but Tucker is 31 years old and he is about to hit free agency which is why it made sense for the Suns to get something in return for him. The team will likely just waive Jared Sullinger, so Phoenix is getting basically two 2nd round picks in exchange for Tucker. The 2nd round picks might not amount to much, but it at least gives the Suns two chances to draft a decent young player with potential. It’s not a huge return for the Suns, although the Suns weren’t going to re-sign Tucker anyway and they did a good job of getting a good return for him.

Grade: B+

Raptors grade:

Giving up two 2nd round picks and Jared Sullinger won’t hurt the Raptors much, but that is still a lot to give up for two months of P.J. Tucker. I’ve never really been a big fan of Tucker as he doesn’t provide much of anything especially offensively as a role player. However, he does add a lot of effort and defensive ability to the Raptors. We’ll see what type of impact he makes with Toronto, but giving up two 2nd round picks isn’t really worth it for a player that probably won’t make much of an impact.

Grade: C-

p.j. tucker

Hawks trade Mike Scott to the Suns

The Atlanta Hawks traded power forward Mike Scott, the draft rights to Cenk Akyol, and cash considerations to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a 2nd round pick.

Hawks grade:

Mike Scott used to be a decent role player for the Hawks, but this season he was a benchwarmer and he had only played in 18 games for the team. Scott clearly had no role with Atlanta going forward which is why it made sense to get rid of him. Also, giving up the draft rights to Cenk Akyol made sense considering that the Hawks drafted him in the 2nd round in 2005. Atlanta is just getting rid of two players that aren’t worth even being associated with the organization anymore and they are lucky to get even a 2nd round pick for their unwanted players.

Grade: C

Suns grade:

This trade doesn’t make any sense for the Suns since they need all of the draft picks that they have which is why it is weird that they would give up a 2nd round pick for basically a pile of garbage. Cenk Akyol was drafted in 2005 by the Hawks and he has yet to even play an NBA game, so the likelihood of him playing in the NBA ever is very slim. Also, Mike Scott is being waived by the Suns, so basically the Suns are giving up a 2nd round pick for absolutely nothing. This trade just shows how dysfunctional of a franchise that the Suns are that they would give up a draft pick for nothing in return.

Grade: F

mike scott

Rockets trade Ennis to the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets exchanged backup point guards on Thursday as the Rockets traded Tyler Ennis to the Lakers for Marcelo Huertas.

Rockets grade:

This is a very odd trade for the Rockets since they are trading Tyler Ennis who has some potential as a young point guard and they are getting literally nothing in return. Marcelo Huertas hasn’t been a good player in the NBA and he won’t even get a chance to play for the Rockets since the team is just going to release him. Ennis was just a benchwarmer for the Rockets, but they should have just kept him in that role instead of trading him away for nothing. They should have at least gotten a future 2nd round pick for Ennis rather than acquiring Huertas who they will never use anyway. This trade makes absolutely no sense for the Rockets.

Grade: F

Lakers Grade:

Marcelo Huertas was given a chance to have quality playing time with the Lakers, but he played terribly for the team as he only averaged 2.7 points per game in 10 minutes per game. Tyler Ennis isn’t a much better option, although he is only 22 years old and he has much better potential than Huertas ever had. Ennis is a former 1st round pick and he has been a major bust thus far, yet he will have the chance to revive his NBA career on a rebuilding Lakers team. This trade won’t make any impact for Los Angeles, but it is worth giving Ennis a shot to maybe surprise some people and become an average role player for the Lakers.

Grade: C

tyler ennis

Bucks trade Hibbert to the Nuggets

The Milwaukee Bucks sent center Roy Hibbert to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a future 2nd round pick.

Bucks grade:

This trade makes sense for the Bucks since they didn’t have much of a role for Hibbert since they already have a logjam in the frontcourt. A 2nd round pick likely won’t give the Bucks much for the future, yet it is much better than having Hibbert and his $5 million salary being a useless player on their bench.

Grade: C+

Nuggets grade:

It wasn’t too long ago that Roy Hibbert was a decent starting center with the Indiana Pacers, but now he is just basically a useless 30-year old center. Hibbert is a good shot-blocker and he could be used as a defensive specialist for the Nuggets in certain situations. However, he is likely just going to be a benchwarmer for the Nuggets and he will likely be the 3rd-string center for the Nuggets just this season. That isn’t worth the Nuggets giving up a 2nd round pick for since benchwarmer centers can be found anywhere. Denver should have just signed Greg Oden as a benchwarmer rather than giving up a draft pick for Roy Hibbert who is basically the same type of player.

Grade: D-

roy hibbert


Rockets trade McDaniels to the Nets

The Houston Rockets made a relatively minor trade on Thursday as they sent shooting guard K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets for a future 2nd round pick.

Rockets grade:

K.J. McDaniels barely played for Houston the past 2 seasons, so it was likely that the team might have waived him anyway. The Rockets are only getting a future 2nd round pick in return for McDaniels and the 2nd round pick probably won’t give the Rockets much. However, it is a success for Houston to at least get something in return for McDaniels while also giving him an opportunity to have a bigger role with the rebuilding Nets.

Grade: B

Nets grade:

This is an odd trade for Brooklyn since they are usually the ones looking to acquire draft picks rather than just give them away like they did by trading a future 2nd round pick for McDaniels. A 2nd round pick isn’t much to give up these days, but the Nets need to hold onto every single draft pick that they have right now in order to try and rebuild their team. McDaniels is just a benchwarmer player and he won’t make any impact immediately or in the future which is why this move is so puzzling for Brooklyn. Overall, this is not a good trade for the Nets unless McDaniels somehow surprises us and becomes a key role player for the Nets.

Grade: D-

k.j. mcdaniels