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Should the Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins?

The Sacramento Kings haven’t even made the playoffs since 2005 and the last time that they won 30 games was in 2007. However, with new head coach George Karl and an abundance of young talent the Kings appear to be on the upswing to be able to contend in the near future. DeMarcus Cousins is obviously the current face of the franchise for Sacramento as he has turned into one of the best centers in the NBA, but it is likely that he could be gone before the 2015 season begins. Cousins averaged 24 points and nearly 13 rebounds in 2014, yet it was only enough to give the Kings a 29-53 record last season. His effort and attitude has been questioned at time and he isn’t known as much of a team player, so that is why he could end up being traded away. I think it would be a smart move for the Kings since they could get maybe even multiple 1st round draft picks or great players in return for him. Cousins is still 24 and his best years are still ahead of him, so he could be a long-term player to build around for any NBA team. It is certainly not an easy for George Karl to make since Cousins has been a very productive player for the team for the past 4 years, but it might end up improving the team since they could still acquire a lot for him.

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