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Rockets trade McDaniels to the Nets

The Houston Rockets made a relatively minor trade on Thursday as they sent shooting guard K.J. McDaniels to the Brooklyn Nets for a future 2nd round pick.

Rockets grade:

K.J. McDaniels barely played for Houston the past 2 seasons, so it was likely that the team might have waived him anyway. The Rockets are only getting a future 2nd round pick in return for McDaniels and the 2nd round pick probably won’t give the Rockets much. However, it is a success for Houston to at least get something in return for McDaniels while also giving him an opportunity to have a bigger role with the rebuilding Nets.

Grade: B

Nets grade:

This is an odd trade for Brooklyn since they are usually the ones looking to acquire draft picks rather than just give them away like they did by trading a future 2nd round pick for McDaniels. A 2nd round pick isn’t much to give up these days, but the Nets need to hold onto every single draft pick that they have right now in order to try and rebuild their team. McDaniels is just a benchwarmer player and he won’t make any impact immediately or in the future which is why this move is so puzzling for Brooklyn. Overall, this is not a good trade for the Nets unless McDaniels somehow surprises us and becomes a key role player for the Nets.

Grade: D-

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