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Rockets trade Ennis to the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets exchanged backup point guards on Thursday as the RocketsĀ traded Tyler Ennis to the LakersĀ for Marcelo Huertas.

Rockets grade:

This is a very odd trade for the Rockets since they are trading Tyler Ennis who has some potential as a young point guard and they are getting literally nothing in return. Marcelo Huertas hasn’t been a good player in the NBA and he won’t even get a chance to play for the Rockets since the team is just going to release him. Ennis was just a benchwarmer for the Rockets, but they should have just kept him in that role instead of trading him away for nothing. They should have at least gotten a future 2nd round pick for Ennis rather than acquiring Huertas who they will never use anyway. This trade makes absolutely no sense for the Rockets.

Grade: F

Lakers Grade:

Marcelo Huertas was given a chance to have quality playing time with the Lakers, but he played terribly for the team as he only averaged 2.7 points per game in 10 minutes per game. Tyler Ennis isn’t a much better option, although he is only 22 years old and he has much better potential than Huertas ever had. Ennis is a former 1st round pick and he has been a major bust thus far, yet he will have the chance to revive his NBA career on a rebuilding Lakers team. This trade won’t make any impact for Los Angeles, but it is worth giving Ennis a shot to maybe surprise some people and become an average role player for the Lakers.

Grade: C

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