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Stephen Curry re-signs with Golden State

It’s not much of a shock, but 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry is re-signing with the Golden State Warriors as he signed a 5-year/$201 million deal to remain with the team. Curry has been the key to leading the Warriors to 3 straight NBA finals appearances and 2 titles within those 3 seasons, so he certainly deserves the huge contract that he just received. Even though he did hit free agency it would have been a major surprise if he had gone elsewhere as the Warriors and Curry had mutual interest in him staying with the team long-term. Curry is only 29 years old, so Golden State will be the team to beat for many years to come and I would be surprised if he even plays for another team besides Golden State in his NBA career. It is a big investment for the Warriors to make, but it was an easy decision since Curry has certainly earned the big deal with his outstanding production for the Warriors.

Grade: A